Cut Foam

We cut almost any shape and size from our vast range of different foam to suit your project or application, while you wait.

Foam Sheets


Foam sheets can be used for anything from mattresses, to insulation and shock absorption. The density of the foam will determine its effectiveness and we can be used in various applications. Available in different colours, densities, hardness and sizes.

Chip Foam

Chipfoam is used in a wide variety of applications from anything like making economy range mattresses, to using inside rugby scrum-machine pads or gym matts.

Foam Bolsters

The Poly Round Bolster is a versatile pillow that can be used as an addition to your bed or couch, or even in therapeutic settings. These round cylinders of open cell polyurethane upholstery foam are soft and spongy, just like the foam in a typical couch cushion, allowing the foam to bend and flex under pressure while providing gentle support.